The easiest way to connect your users' bank accounts with your app

A simple and intuitive API to automate bank reconciliation, improve risk assesment, and more.

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For businesses

Automate bank reconciliation or verify payments

Fintoc makes it extremely easy to build products that automate business administrative tasks like bank reconciliation or payment verification

Detailed data on each transaction

Apart from amount, date and description, retrieve the transaction sender's or recipient's information.

Continuous transaction updates

Stay up-to-date by receiving notifications whenever there are new transactions in connected accounts

No loss of history

Retrieve up to 24 months of clean transactional data

One statement

Fintoc gives you all the movements in a single card. Forget about the accounting card, the transfers and the suppliers card.

Bank Reconciliation

Simple for you and your customers


Integrate our widget

Use our JS or mobile SDK to integrate the Fintoc Widget in your app or website


Your users connect the account

It will only take a few seconds.


Retrieve information

Retrieve transactional data and balances as soon as your user connects his account

5 minutes

A clean and simple API that can be called with a few lines of code