What's new in fintoc


Now you can connect Scotiabank personal checking and sight accounts 🎉

Integration scotiabank people

Do you want to know how to implement Fintoc quickly? We made an application with examples in Python, Node and Ruby, and with a frontend in React.

You can see the code here: https://github.com/fintoc-com/quickstart

quickstart application

When the user changes his bank passwords, he has to reconnect his account with Fintoc. We added the status field to see which links need to be reconnected.

For more information, you can see the details of the change here.

Status of an API link

All object IDs in the API are now prefixed with a prefix indicating the object to which that ID belongs. For example, all movement IDs are now prefixed with mov_.

For more information you can check out the details of the change here.

Easily identify API objects

This week we welcome the Pauli 🤩.

She is the third Software Engineer to join the team. She is a PUC engineer, dry for dancing 💃 and very friendly. She will join the banking integrations team.

Welcome Pauli!

We are looking for people in various areas to join the team! We're looking for software engineers, product designers, sales and marketing 🎉

See here for more details

Fintoc is hiring!

We are very happy to announce that Y Combinator invested in Fintoc!

Fintoc is a company Y Combinator 🎉

Today we are in Product Hunt and the hunter was Michael Seibel 😱.

You can see the post here

Launched in Product Hunt

We have a new version of the Fintoc Widget! It's now a js library that you can import in 3 lines of code, and it also comes with a much nicer design ✨.

To see how to integrate the new widget you can see our docs: https://docs.fintoc.com/docs/usando-el-widget

New widget 😱