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  • Up to 5 personal bank accounts
  • Retrieve balances and transactions
  • 1-hour refresh rate
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Internal usage

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Per bank account per month
  • Retrieve balances and transactions
  • 1-hour refresh rate
  • For more than 5 bank account , let's talk.
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Custom plan

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  • Volume pricing for bank accounts
  • Retrieve balances and transactions
  • Custom refresh rate
  • Recurring payments
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What is considered a bank account?

A bank account is any checking account, sight account, credit card or line of credit you have

What do you mean by refresh rate?

This is the frequency with which we update account data with respect to the bank's information.

Can I customize the refresh time?

Most of our customers use a refresh rate of one hour or 5 minutes.

How do I integrate with Fintoc?

Just go to our docs (or send them to the technical person of your company) and you'll learn everything you need. If you want help, we are always available through email. Also, if you use Slack, we are happy to create a shared channel between Fintoc and your company.

How long does it take me to integrate with Fintoc?

It depends on the complexity of the product you want to build. It usually takes about 1 hour for a developer to learn the key concepts of Fintoc and make our API feel natural.